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Welcome to Metal Militia Mason Dixon Chapter

This is the home of the Metal Militia Mason Dixon Chapter. At any given time you can find well known names training here and plenty of big numbers. We’re proud of our diverse group and invite you to check out our site and see what we have to offer. We’re always ready to lend a hand, and welcome just about anyone serious about getting strong to come train with us.



Christmas Carnage


***Christmas Carnage Update***

Now that the dust has settled and our gym is put back together we finally have a few minutes to sit down and put some thoughts and thanks together about this past weekend and the Metal Militia Mason Dixon Christmas Carnage IPA meet at Exile Fitness.

First of all, we would like to thank our sponsors: Exile Fitness, Metal Militia Mason Dixon Chapter, Inzer Advance Designs, Chaillet’s Private Fitness, York Barbell, and AtLarge Nutrition.

For loading equipment at Mason Dixon Metal Militia Compound – Jason Ray, Colin MacDougall, Joe Sauble, Nick Sauble, Andy Trostle, and Dan Shull.

Clearing out Exile’s equipment/meet set up – Jason Ray, Joe Kraus, Andy Trostle, Katie Miller, Tommy Ruszala, Bill Crawford, & Bob’s Exile crew.

Head table – Scott and Stephanie Lewis, Theresa Sauble, Shanna Strahan, Kathy Fields. Scott, once again, kept the crowd revved up with his dynamic MC skills. Theresa and Shanna ran the table like pros, and we’ll bet no one guessed they actually haven’t done this before! It was a huge relief to allow Jules the luxury of being able to step away to take care of other details with complete confidence that everything was going to keep rolling smoothly. Stephanie expedited “like a motherfucker” and Kathy handled drug testing and jumped in to announce and expedite as needed.

Mr. Nick Shuthisfacebookoffandthenvanisheddude for setting up and broadcasting the live stream and handling general meet audio. Tommy Ruszala for audio/visual support and equipment (at both Exile and Mason Dixon), and meet promotion.

Spotters – John Levan, Trevor Nathaniel, Joe Sauble, Mike Boyd, Evan Brechbill, & Nick Tsourounis.

Judges – Mark Chaillet, Dave Barth, Bobby & Kathy Fields, Nick Tsourounis, & Brian King.

Concessions – Trish, Rachael, Morgan, Trett, & Magnuss McVicar + Kyle and Aaron, Stephanie Lewis, & Jason Ray.

Meet tear down and setting Exile back up – Stephanie Lewis, Shanna Strahan, Jason Ray, Trett & Magnuss McVicar, Tommy Ruszala, & Bob’s Exile crew.

Knuckle Up – for providing the meet t-shirts and kickass apparel in general.

You may have noticed Jason Ray’s name mentioned multiple times above… which would be because he did anything and everything. As did Stephanie Lewis. Hahaha.

And thank you to each and every one of the lifters who chose to make our platform theirs, many of them making their meet debut. We know you have other options and appreciate the choice you made. There were 52 lifters and 5 teams entered in this meet, setting 17 IPA World Records and 63 Maryland State Records. This meet was unusually intense, with all of the lifters very focused. There were very few – VERY FEW – distractions at all during the meet. The majority of the lifters were waiting to go before the “bar’s loaded” call. This, in itself, shows intensity and aggressiveness towards action. Out of 400+ attempts, we don’t remember seeing anyone give up on a lift without a fight. We had a lot of passed out standing lifters at the completion of their attempts. Hahaha. That’s the way we like it – in the gym, and at our meets. Intensity and drive is contagious and drives a natural reaction to follow and overcome your predecessor. That can only mean success, and records broken, like a baseball bat to the china cabinet.

Another subject that we would like to mention: there were 260+ people packed into Exile Fitness; 5x the number of lifters. The turnout of families and friends was phenomenal. What was more phenomenal was the courtesy and class of all of these people of different races and backgrounds all getting along together for the common cause of spectating and supporting the athletes. There weren’t any arguments or rudeness. Everyone was the same and treated both each other and the facility with respect. We know this seems kind of stupid to mention, but to match the class of the lifters and supporters, after the 260+ people reluctantly filed out of the venue one by one, the place was clean, free of trash, and the bathrooms looked like somebody had just cleaned them. There was absolutely no disrespect to the property of Exile Fitness whatsoever. And for that, we want to give the biggest thanks. We met a lot of people Saturday and made a lot of new friends. Jeff has put on 30+ meets throughout his powerlifting career, and said, without a doubt, this was the one that he came away feeling like a good day was done. Everything there is good about powerlifting happened that day in overflowing quantity. Jeff said he could go on and on and on and on about everything that was good this weekend. Better than any drug. He has already stated a dozen times how hard it was to walk out of Exile Fitness once all the work was done and the gym was put back together, even though it was the middle of the night and we hadn’t slept in 3 days, he just wanted to stay and have more fun. It was a complete buzz kill to leave.

One more very important thing for powerlifters in Maryland and the surrounding area. If you are sick and tired of walking a fucking tightrope in an inadequate morgue of a gym, YOU’VE GOT TO CONTACT EXILE FITNESS, PULASKI HIGHWAY, ROSEDALE MD (410) 686-9348 and talk to Bob Lutz. This gym is an actual commercial gym that is built around hardcore bodybuilding, powerlifting, & fitness. There are many women members who can train without the bullshit of being harassed by strangers. You will make friends there very easily and find a niche to fit in and begin a new level of strength and success. Men, it’s everything you want in a serious gym. And no crybaby bullshit rules. Just respect. Respect for the men and women around you, and respect for the man who provides Exile Fitness as a club for you to succeed in your fitness and power goals. Gold’s Gym x10 in intensity. This gym is the favorite commercial powerlifting gym of Jeff McVicar and many up and coming current world record holders. Jeff has never endorsed a commercial gym in his life. And, as an added bonus, right next door, the famous Ground Control MMA fight club.

Jeff thinks he may have sold his soul to Keith Steele Gavazzi for a Gatorade. Hahaha. If there was an award for most memorable character, it would have gone to Hifon Smith, Keith Gavazzi, and Bill Crawford. And the most professional demeanor would go to Mike Capadanno. He may not have lifted the most weight, but he did it with smiling, Marine Corps intensity. Semper Fi! On integrity, Hifon Smith is a lifetime drug free athlete. After smashing multiple IPA World Records requested to be drug tested on the spot to prove without any doubt, which we administered and sent out.

Best Team Award was a tie between Bob’s Exile Fitness of Rosedale, MD and Jeff and Jules’ Metal Militia, Mason Dixon Chapter on Haunted Hill. We did not anticipate a tie so are we getting a second trophy made so each team will have one to display in their gym.

Lastly, on a note of our inner circle, we would like to thank each and every one of the 100+ Metal Militia Members – lifters, families, who made the ride out to support our Militia family (driving as long as 9 hours to get here). We can’t wait to see all you in the gym and at our meets.
Just so you know, if you ever wonder what a meet director makes at a meet who doesn’t charge spectator fees, gives away t-shirts and drinks for the lifters and cool trophies… we made $120 between the two of us in return for 4 full days of labor. And that’s if you don’t count the hotel room we rented for 4 hours Saturday morning to catch a nap before the meet. But who else do you know could throw a party for 260+ people and come away with $120? Hahaha… you guys all kicked ass and make it all worthwhile for us. Thanks for coming. See ya at the next one… Metal Militia Mason Dixon IPA Meet dates for 2015 are in the works.


Hope Kids - Mason Dixon Metal Militia

Jeff McVicar and Jules Furniss of Metal Militia Mason Dixon have been staunch supporters of Hope Kids and encourage anyone visiting this site to pay them a vist and offer support as well. The power lifting community has done, and continues to do their part to advance and support this worthwhile organization, and if you too believe in kids, should do the same. Thanks, and lift heavy!

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